Mindful wellness and nutrition

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Every woman should have access to healthy food, period.

As we continue to age, its so key that we feed our souls with the most natural nutrition and do our best to follow a  healthy lifestyle that works for us. Healthy living is merely an act of balance between the following mental, nutrition, physical activity, relationships, and your overall lifestyle.

Ask yourself, what do you currently attract vs. what you admire to attract? The universe will only work in your favor if you show in your decisions made everyday that you are ready for wellness in your life. It will also show up in your body, the foods you decide to consume, and most importantly in the relationships you develop with yourself and others. Your body and your soul are your temple, mama! Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Our ability to balance our soulful pillars (mental, nutrition, physical activity, relationships, and your overall lifestyle), will vary because of our socio-demographics and access are different. We women also require different emotional, physical, and mental needs. 

The ultimate goal is to incorporate each element into your daily routine and reach an optimal balance to improve your overall health and wellness.

Let the journey to feeling good and honoring our needs begin!

Every woman deserves access to healthy foods ...

2 out of 3 women die from chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes. A healthy diet can decrease your chances of developing many chronic diseases. 

If you are unsure on where to start, I highly recommend kickstarting your healthy journey with doing a juice cleanse. This was one of the most spiritual and physical detoxing I have ever done for myself. I am proud yo say that I am now permanently juicing Monday through Friday, and designate the weekends to eating meat and heavy carbohydrates. Let me share my juicing experience with yall...