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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In unprecedented times like these, it's key to treat your mind like money. Don't waste it and be sure to balance it. Read on to find my holistic tricks that keep my mind detoxed and I hope they work for you. Do this for 21 days and I guarantee that your noodle will be fully detoxed.

I like to view my mind as my temple that has two large rooms. One for my thoughts, memories, feelings that I am aware of for myself and the world. This is called the conscious mind. The other contains feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that may not be presently here but are pulled into our conscious mind or room. This is called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is thee most powerful room that has the ability to stimulate and communicate non-exist thoughts and ideas into your conscious mind. It's key that we go through the decluttering exercise that helps alleviate insecurities and fears holding you back from living your full potential. #1 change the way you start your day. If the first thing you do is pickup your phone and check your IG, instead try doing something outside of the norm like reading 10 minutes from your favorite book or drink a tall glass of water, whatever. This helps rewire your subconscious to avoid automatically checking your IG or grabbing that cup of coffee. In the afternoon, either on lunch or whenever you have some alone time, do things that you normally wouldn't do (eg. walk outside, research ways to kickstart your goals, start journaling your to do's and thoughts). This brings your worries to light and gives you the satisfaction of feeling accomplished. By the evening of each day, commit to protecting your social space away from those who mentally drain you. End your evening with eating a fruitful meal, 15minutes of unplug time away from your electronics, and read or journal your continued thoughts from the day. Detoxing your mind is like starting a new journey and you must be patient with yourself. If at all necessary, take baby steps into practicing cultivating your subconscious behaviors and thoughts. I hope this helps fam, and I would love to hear your feedback through your detox journey.

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